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2023 Grenache Blanc

2023 Grenache Blanc


Tasting Room Exclusive - Yes, BLANC - not all that is Grenache is Red. This white grape of the Rhone region of France and parts of Spain creates a wine that is crisp and rich with an amber hue. A delightful addition to a summer day.


    Crisp, nice acid and a very clean finish.  Excellent aromatics. 


    Early morniing manual pick at the Joie de Vivre vineyard in the Sierra Foothills.  Meticulous vineyard management by Sharon and Mike Orton throughout the season including focused efforts to keep the wild turkeys away from the vines!


    The winemaking desicion was made to harvest slightly early for crispness, bright fruit and low alcohol.  Fermented and aged in stainless steel.



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