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Our Story

   140 years renewed   

The first grapes were planted on this property in 1880.   The Schluter Family purchased this 180-acre farmstead when they emigrated from Germany.  They raised their family here for 40 years.  Following that, the Wente family owned the property for over 80 years.  Bob and Deb Pruett purchased it and strive to be true to its history by restoring the house and giving the overall property the love it deserves.   Consistent with the history of this land, its several uses include 10 acres that are dedicated to farming seasonal produce that is sold locally.  The current residents include horses, alpaca, and the luckiest chickens in the Bay Area.  These fortunate fowl live in a chateau and are free-range in not just any open space but in a Chardonnay vineyard!  We catch them attempting to assess the vintage quality by jumping into the air with all their might to sample the grapes as harvest approaches.

Even further back in time is when the Pruett Family came to Northern California and became involved in agriculture.  Since 1852 members of the family were farming traditional crops east and north of Roseville.  The Family still owns and operates the family homestead which has been established for over 100 years.  Most recently, two brothers, Scott and Bob Pruett have been involved in a different type of farming than the family history; grape growing.  Scott’s vineyard in the Auburn area has an established reputation for making highly acclaimed Syrah while Bob’s estate vineyard in Livermore is Chardonnay.

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