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2021 Winemaker Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon

2021 Winemaker Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon


The very early and limited release of this cheeky juvenile earned a Gold Medal at a national competition and quickly sold out. Now it has had two years on American and French Oak to refine but continues to have a big independent streak which portends a spunky adult with nice aging potential!


    This wine is still quite young with good aging potential and structure.   Sophisticated oak, bright fruit and good acid balance.  The low yield, old vine Shenandoah fruit is nicely showcased.


    This fruit is from a single vineyard in Shenandoah Valley region of California in the Sierra Foothills.  It was one of the areas not impacted by the fires that damaged many vineyards in the summer of 2020.  The family has owned this vineyard for two generations and this Cabernet is from a block of vines that are 50 years old.  They are very low yield; producing less than two tons of fruit per acre.  The result is an intense flavor from small berries.  The dedicated harvest team worked from 11 PM thru 5 AM to ensure the intense heat wave affecting Northern California did not damage this beautiful fruit.


    A slow fermentation protocol was chosen using two yeast types to create both a bright fruit expression and the earthy richness inherent in a California Cabernet.  One of the aspects of the aroma of this wine is from the barrel selection.  It is a combination of French and American.  The American is the same as used by the Napa Legend, Silver Oak (yes – we Winemaker-Engineers reverse Engineered a bit!).


    Gold Medal Winner

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